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The Only Way Out Is Through

"The only way out is through." - Robert Frost

This quote by Robert Frost is a perfect metaphor for dealing with difficult emotions.

Many of us would just rather not deal with difficult emotions such as fear, anger or guilt. So we construct many ways to avoid the pain these emotions create in hopes that they will disappear. Unfortunately, they don’t go away and often times they get worse.

This guided meditation exercise is an excellent way to acknowledge, adapt, distance and even embrace difficult emotions. I hope you enjoy this short 7 minute video that will guide you to first name how you are feeling with

I am…., shifting to I feel… and through I am aware of feeling…., moving on to feeling is welcome, and finally shifting into awareness and the feeling are not separate. Namaste.


Kimberly Prendergast, LMFT is one of the Owner's of Empire Therapy & Family Services. She has been assisting children, adolescents and families in crisis for over 20 years. Kimberly can be reached at 805.798.3723 or

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