Office Services

Individual and family therapy are offered in our office setting in Ventura, California. We specialize in treatment of youth 5-18 years and young adults 18-25 years of age dealing with a wide range of social and emotional difficulties.  We have extensive experience in addressing at risk behaviors as a result of a psychiatric diagnosis and/or environmental stressors.  We provide developmentally appropriate therapeutic interventions including play therapy and art therapy within the context of a cognitive behavioral framework.


School Based Services

Empire collaborates with the Ventura County SELPA to provide school based counseling services to four local school districts and several charter schools.  Services are provided to students with active IEP’s and in some cases to the general student population.  School based counseling services address the impact that social emotional difficulties have on a child’s learning. Services include individual and group therapy as well as collateral family supports.


Consulting & Training

Empire develops and provides mental wellness related training for teachers, staff and parents. Trainings are tailored to meet the specific needs of our partner organizations in the areas of education, parenting, foster care and mental health.  Topics addressed include managing difficult behaviors, mindful practice for clinicians and teachers, and happy parenting practices.  Consultation and training can be tailored to any organization looking to compliment and enhance the mental well-being of it's members.


At Risk Family Support

Contracted with Ventura County Department of Social Services and  the Rain Shelter, Empire provides therapy services to some of Ventura county's  most vulnerable families. Services focus on the issues of substance abuse and trauma using  evidenced based practices that offer short term and effective supports.  Individual and group therapy is provided by Empire to compliment a myriad of other services offered at the Rain Shelter that lead families out of poverty and homelessness.

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